European Sterling Silver Clear Pave Lights With Crystal Austrian Crystal Charm

European Sterling Silver Clear Pave Lights With Crystal Austrian Crystal Charm
Model No.: SS2584-1
Hand finished and crafted from 925 sterling silver with 90Pcs hand set Pave glittering austrian crystal stones, Adding high quality bling bling, sparkle and brilliance to your most treasured adornment collection with these gorgeous embellished pieces.
Size: 10.7*12mm, hole 5mm
Weight: 2.50 g
Material: 925 sterling silver beads with 90 pcs austrian crystal
MOQ: 2 Pcs
Stock: 132 Pcs
Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
2 + US$ 9.60
10 + US$ 8.40
20 + US$ 7.80
Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Rose Pave Lights With Rose Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-4   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Fuchsia Pave Lights With Fuchsia Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-5   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Hyacinth Pave Lights With Hyacinth Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-6   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Siam Pave Lights With Siam Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-8   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Violet Pave Lights With Violet Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-10   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Amethyst Pave Lights With Amethyst Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-12   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Sapphire Pave Lights With Sapphire Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-14   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Blue Pave Lights With Blue Zircon Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-17   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Peridot Pave Lights With Peridot Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-18   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Emerald Pave Lights With Emerald Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-19   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Olivine Pave Lights With Olivine Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-20   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Jonquil Pave Lights With Jonquil Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-21   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Topaz Pave Lights With Topaz Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-24   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Jet Pave Lights With Jet Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-28   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Pave Lights Red Heart Charm With Austrian Crystal Wholesale No:SS2584-31   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
European Sterling Silver Pave Lights MOM Charm With Austrian Crystal Wholesale No:SS2584-32   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
2013 European Sterling Silver Shimmering Blossom With Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-33   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
2013 European Sterling Silver Shimmering Blossom With Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-34   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
2013 European Sterling Silver Shimmering Blossom With Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-35   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
2013 European Sterling Silver Pave Lights With Crystal Jet Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-38   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 
Sterling Silver Pave Lights with White Emerald Sapphire Austrian Crystal Charm No:SS2584-39   MOQ:2 $7.80 ~ $9.60Order Quantity: 

Product Information:

  1. Feature: Each Sterling Silver Austrian Crystal Charm Beads are made of high quality austrian crystals and sterling core,made by high skilled worker,Perfect processing,fit perfect on European,bighole etc.bracelet chains.
Types: accept customed order of the silver charm beads. same mould of the beads with different techniques when proceed to the post processing, which makes they look a bit can OEM the European silver beads, antique silver beads, silver European beads with gold plated, European enamel beads,European beads with CZ stones.  Give you a platform for display yourself, everyone can be a designer, Make one for every unforgettable and charmed moment.
2. Material: 925 sterling silver, 90pcs austrian crystal;
3. Capability: Top Quality, Large Stock, Qiuck Shipping;
4. MOQ: 2 pcs, small order is available in the first business;
5. Payment: TT, Western Union etc.
6. Discount: Order more discount more, pls view our "Discount Policy";
7. Delivery
by DHL, TNT, Fedex or EMS etc, deliver time 3~15 days;
8. Price List: Pls feel free to "Download Quotation" for more styles.
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