Sterling Silver Charms with 6mm Metallic grey Nature Freshwater Pearl

Sterling Silver Charms with 6mm Metallic grey Nature Freshwater Pearl
Model No.: SS1018-6
Each European Style Sterling Silver Charms with 6MM Metallic grey Nature Freshwater Pearl made by high skilled worker, Perfect processing, fit on European, chamila, bighole Jewelry etc chains
Size: Pearl Dia. 6mm, hole 4.5mm
Weight: 1.20 g
Material: nature freshwater pearl, 925 sterling silver
MOQ: 2 Pcs
Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
2 + US$ 3.20
10 + US$ 2.80
20 + US$ 2.60
Order Quantity: 
Sterling Silver Charms with 6mm White Nature Freshwater Pearl No:SS1018-1   MOQ:2 $2.60 ~ $3.20Order Quantity: 
Sterling Silver Charms with 6mm Pink Nature Freshwater Pearl No:SS1018-2   MOQ:2 $2.60 ~ $3.20Order Quantity: 
Sterling Silver Charms with 6mm Light Amethyst Nature Freshwater Pearl No:SS1018-3   MOQ:2 $2.60 ~ $3.20Order Quantity: 
Sterling Silver Charms with 6mm Peacock blue Nature Freshwater Pearl No:SS1018-4   MOQ:2 $2.60 ~ $3.20Order Quantity: 
Sterling Silver Charms with 6mm Black Nature Freshwater Pearl No:SS1018-5   MOQ:2 $2.60 ~ $3.20Order Quantity: 

Product Information:

1. Feature: Each Sterling Silver Charms with 6mm Nature Freshwater Pearl made by high skilled worker, it is all handmade , Perfect processing, 100% physical picture, All freshwater pearls can vary slightly in size, shape and color.
2. Material: perfect 925 sterling silver, naturel freshwater pearl bead
3. Pearl Type: Nature Freshwater Pearl
4. Pearl Size: 6mm round pearl, nature size.
5. Pearl Color: Metallic grey color
6. Pearl Quality: AA   (About Pearl Grade)
7. Core Size: 4.5mm hole, They are compatible with all major brands of create your own jewelry as well as a wide variety of stringing materials, including our own add a bead bracelets and bangles.
8. Weight: 1.5 gram each bead (Approx.)
9. Payment is TT, Western Union, MoneyGram etc
10. Packing: Opp Bags for inner packing, carton box for outer packing
11. Delivery by DHL, TNT, Fedex or EMS etc air express, deliver time 3~5 days
12. Adorner: These high quality beads fit perfectly on bighole Jewelry, Largehole Jewelry, Italian charms, Lovecharmlinks  etc chains as well as our very own interchangeable bracelets, necklaces and bangles too.
13. NOTICES: Pearl is soft and fragile. It's easily changed because of dust or sweat. So there are some notices for keeping pearl jewelry. 
      1) How to wear Pearls: It's better to wear pearl regularly but don't wear it to go swimming or take shower. When you make up, you need to take off jewelry first. 
      2) How to clean pearls: Don't clean pearls with abluent and don't use toothbrush, rough cloth or facial tissue to rub it, if you want to clean pearl, you should use soft wet towel or fresh water.
      3) How to keep pearls: Because the rigidity of pearl is very low, we should not put it with other jewelry. Soft jewelry box or bag is the best way to put pearls in. In the coffer, it's a little dry, you'd better put a glass of water in it.
14. About Freshwater Pearls: The Cultured Freshwater Pearl is created by inoculating a ball of the Mother-of-pearl into the cap of the freshwater pearl-mussel. Where it stays for 2~5 years in competent care. Each mussel can contain from 10~40 pearls in different shapes, size and colours. The charm of the Freshwater Pearls is the variety of shapes and the beautiful play in colours-the natural variety: white, cream, grey and pink and various died colours.

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