LIMITED TIME OFFER! SAVE UP TO 15% For Basketball Wives and Bamboo Earrings

(Offer Valid 2012-10-8 to 2012-12-31, all these discounts will show directly in the invoice)
Cheap Green Extra Long Feather Earrings Wholesale No:FE3332   MOQ:10 $1.69 ~ $2.08
White Basketball Wives Feather Earrings Wholesale No:FE4001-2   MOQ:10 $1.43 ~ $1.76
10mm Basketball Wives ABS Red Coral Beads Wholesale No:BW0904   MOQ:20 $0.03 ~ $0.03
10mm Basketball Wives ABS Turquoise Beads Wholesale No:BW0906   MOQ:20 $0.03 ~ $0.03
Basketball Wives Red Crystal Bamboo Hoop Earrings Cheap No:BW6047   MOQ:20 $0.78 ~ $0.96
10mm Basketball Wives White Resin Earring Beads Wholesale No:BW0407-10   MOQ:20 $0.16 ~ $0.19
10mm Basketball Wives Resin Earring Beads Wholesale No:BW0410-10   MOQ:20 $0.16 ~ $0.19
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